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GetSet Boost Retention Background
Point increase in retention

Underneath our social network mechanics is a powerful, evidence based metacognitive skill development framework.

We’ve participated in controlled trials with universities to test our research based methods and measure our impact. What did they report? GetSet works. Across all types of schools, programs, and student populations, GetSet consistently contributes to a substantial lift in student retention.

Research highlights

15,000 students involved

Students from a variety of backgrounds, including low income, first generation, and minority students.

70 campuses and schools participated
  • Traditional undergrad and graduate programs
  • Career, certificate, and two-year programs
  • On ground and online
Measurable increase in first term persistence

The test data show that GetSet increased first term persistence compared to a placebo intervention or no intervention.

Download the report for complete details about a range of trials across GetSet partner institutions:
  • Methodology and results
  • Financial impact analyses
  • Best practices for implementing GetSet at your school

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