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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We got into education for the same reason you did: to make a difference in students' lives.

An illustration showing that students with a growth mindset aren't deterred by failures because they know the brain is like a muscle—their skills and intelligence improve with practice and hard work.

We believe that all students have equal potential.

Every student arrives on your campus with the goal of graduating. Along the way, they all encounter obstacles—bad days, sleepless nights, and tough schedules. Why do some students reach their goals while others don't?

Students with a growth mindset don't quit when faced with a problem. They buckle down and fight through the challenge.

Research confirms that a growth mindset leads to persistence. Students with a growth mindset earn higher grades and are more likely to graduate.

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Education enriching a student's life beyond college.

We understand the lifelong damage of a lost education.

Retention is about saving students from what could be the most detrimental moment of their adult lives—the moment when they decide to give up on education.

That's why we want to create more graduates. They'll go on to become forces for good in the world. They will lead better lives because of that education, and they'll contribute to your school's positive image.

We're committed to helping more students graduate, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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A mobile phone showing experiences and advice students posted to GetSet. A laptop showing experiences and advice students posted to GetSet. A laptop showing experiences and advice students posted to GetSet.

We think bigger than just preparing students for success in college.

GetSet does more than just foster the right mindset—we empower students to become more tenacious in the face of all of life's setbacks.

We strategically connect students to classmates who have faced the same obstacles—and succeeded. This creates a culture of nonstop learning and limitless potential. This creates a culture of growth mindset.

See the difference we've already made:

I honestly felt it would be overwhelming but after using the GetSet testimonies I feel a bit more at ease.

- Pierre F.

I went on GetSet and saw that there were other parents out there doing the same thing I was.

- Rachel D.

GetSet reminded me of why my education is so important and to never give up.

- Jessica G.

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