See the big picture without losing their individual stories

Person smailing. Person smailing.

See the whole community at-a-glance

Stay in the know with a complete picture of what's happening in your student community.

Filter down to programs, student characteristics, and more to surface trends in specific populations. We'll show you what students are talking about, and even more importantly, how they feel about it.

Evolve your knowledge of student trends

Know your students better than ever. Check out a student's profile to see what’s on their mind, what topics attract them, and which peers they're connecting with. Our analytics let you see your students from a different perspective—how they self-identify and how they evolve.

Automatically manage content concerns

Our content monitoring is automated so you can manage cases (or send them to the right department) anytime, anywhere. We'll tailor our alerts to match your policies and practices so everything flows smoothly into your established system.

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