Influence by GetSet

Students who need help are often the least likely to reach out for it. Influence—our automated peer support engine—delivers powerful GetSet stories right when students need it most.

Peer support delivered

Influence keeps struggling students from slipping through the cracks. Our engine automatically delivers inspiring stories from peers directly to students who need them.

  • Influence learns about each student’s circumstances by analyzing data from different sources, like academic calendars and their interactions on GetSet.

  • Our engine automatically connects struggling students with impactful stories about navigating similar challenges, giving them the right peers to model themselves after.

  • Your students see these powerful stories wherever they are, delivered by email, text, and push notification—no login required!

  • Influence surrounds your students with peer support so a setback doesn't become a crisis—even if they don't reach out for help.

Amplify each student's success

Influence amplifies each student’s success story by sharing it with the community, creating a ripple effect that supplements limited faculty and advising resources.

  1. Influence automatically gathers stories from students who succeed in spite of adversity.
  2. Sharing success reinforces students' positive behaviors, and helps peers facing the same obstacles.
  3. Students model their peers' success and, in turn, share their own eventual accomplishments, forming a virtuous cycle.