Keep the prospects you worked so hard to recruit

Getting the right student through your doors is costly. We’ll help you hold on to prospective students by getting them connected with a community, giving them nudges to stay on track, and empowering advisors to personalize their conversations.

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Instant sense of belonging

Students who feel they belong are more likely to show up on day one. Our student community bolsters a sense of belonging for new students and normalizes anxieties.

Students stay on track

There’s lots to do to get students through the door. Our automated, peer based nudges keep students on track at key milestones in the nurturing phase.

Better equipped advisors

You put a lot of work into personalizing conversations. We’ll equip advisors with social analytics and insights on what each student is really thinking.

GetSet is there at every step between a prospective student and graduation day

Enroll and start more students

Graduate more students

Timeline indicating a student's enrollment to graduation day, the entirety of which is covered by content monitoring
Classes start

Worry free content monitoring throughout it all