Managing risk and keeping students safe

Our forward thinking, secure technology monitors and manages potential safety risks. Real time content alerts reduce risk and give you peace of mind. Easy to set up. Quick to deploy.

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Control concerns of suicide and violence

  • When a student uses words related to suicide or violence, our system sends an immediate alert to your behavioral/threat assessment team—including how the term was used and information about the student.
  • Our sophisticated content monitoring system is already helping your peer institutions reduce risk on their campuses.
  • We know you can’t afford to miss even one alert—so we won’t let you.

Customize to fit your needs

  • Add to our built in content monitoring list and customize words or phrases you’d like to keep an eye on. We’ll send you an alert anytime a student uses that term, so you’ll always know what’s happening.
  • We customize our process to match your policies, so everything flows smoothly into your established system.
  • We know how complex your policies are—so ours is custom.

GetSet is there at every step between a prospective student and graduation day

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Timeline indicating a student's enrollment to graduation day, the entirety of which is covered by content monitoring
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Worry free content monitoring throughout it all